These are the current costs for services and fees at Adandy Farm.

Adandy Farm: Training Rates


  • Includes Platinum Performance
  • Four lessons are included per month.
  • Additional lessons are $50.00 each.

$750.00 per month


Conditioning $600.00 per month
Board $500.00 per month
Mare & Foal Care $30.00 per day
Foaling Fee $300.00, plus Mare Care
Stallion Handling Fee $500 per mare, live cover
Hauling $.80 per mile, $100 minimum
Body Clipping $130.00 per body clip
Farrier Handling Fee $10.00 per shoeing/reset/visit
Vet Handling Fee $20.00 per visit, shots and coggins
Photo Shoot Prep Fee $100.00 per shoot
Paste Wormer every 2 month $20.00
Sellers Agent Fee 15% of sale price, paid by seller


Adandy Farm: Show Rates

Please contact us for current show rate



Adandy Farm

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